ok so I’m not dying…yet!

Blood results could have been worse I suppose. I have to go back into the surgery and give them some more, because apparently 5 test tubes full wasn’t enough! It looks like a Vitamin B-12 deficiency.  Which is ironic since one of my dissertations at uni was on Pernicious Anaemia so I have books galore on the subject.  What annoys me is that I know so much about it yet couldn’t self-diagnose based on the giveaway symptoms!  I self-diagnose  e v e r y s i n g l e d a y for goodness sake. With Google’s help of course.  We all do!

So as well as the regular injections of B12, I’m sure I read something about fresh cream chocolate eclairs being an e s s e n t i a l part of the dietary requirements…will post the link to that as soon as I find it again!!

This may of course have genetic/hereditary implications so I do have to inform family members.  However, I think it’s probably best I do some ‘proper’ research before sending anyone into a panic!

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