Can’t quite believe I’m blogging about this but…

…I’m sold!

I absolutely must have this unbelievable piece of kitchen equipment!

Spotted on ‘Come Dine With Me Down Under‘, this gadget actually means you could probably get rid of just about e v e r y other one you have in your kitchen.

The Thermomix does it all. Seriously.

This is the list of things it does from the manufacturers:

One Thermomix with One Bowl and One Blade can do all this:

  • Thermomix weighs – with built-in electronic scales
  • Thermomix grates – nuts, cheese, chocolate, parmesan
  • Thermomix mills – rice, grains and pulses to flour
  • Thermomix purées – vegetables, fruits, baby food
  • Thermomix grinds – coffee beans, sugar to icing sugar, wet or dry spices
  • Thermomix blends – soups, smoothies, milkshakes and sauces
  • Thermomix cooks, boils & simmers – soups, sauces, preserves, pulses, complete meals
  • Thermomix steams – vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, rice, pasta
  • Thermomix crushes – ice, cocktails, ice creams, sorbet
  • Thermomix whisks – egg whites, cappuccino-style foam on soups and milk, zabaglione
  • Thermomix emulsifies – salad dressings, mayonnaise, batters, cream
  • Thermomix kneads – bread dough, pizza dough, pasta dough, pastry, scones
  • Thermomix chops & minces – nuts, herbs, vegetables, salads, meats
  • Thermomix heats baby food to 37oC
  • Thermomix holds chocolate at 37oC

In fact the only thing you have to do is wash up afterwards!  I could actually get rid of my weighing scales, grater, coffee grinder, blender, food processor, steamer, whisks, bread making machine, most of my knives and probably a fair few pots and pans too!  So much more room in my kitchen!!

A great range of recipe books are available too which is a huge improvement on the little booklet you get with most cooking appliances with the same old 10 or so recipes!  There is also a huge list of recipes by Janie Turner on the UK website.  Only problem left for me is to convince the boyfriend that its worth the £885 (inc VAT)!**UPDATE** Thermomix UK just informed me of their divided payment option too, as well as 2 day delivery!***

I’m confused…why don’t we all have one again??

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