Guitar Discount – £50 off Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul guitars have been on the market since taking the world by storm in 1952 and continue to be an iconic brand.  Even now, decades later, the design is pretty much unchanged – if it ain’t broke and all that – and the sound quality and craftsmanship loved by musicians from all genres.

My first ever electric guitar was a Gibson Les Paul copy (well I was 12 and my parents weren’t sure I’d keep it up!) in traditional style not too dissimilar to this one…

…which I loved. I loved it so much that it took me till only a couple of years ago to let go and hand it down to my now 16 year old son.  Despite having bought him Ibanez and B.C. Rich guitars over the years (it’s worth it he’s incredibly talented) he too loves the Gibson even though it is a copy and couldn’t wait to get his hands on it.

However…I miss it. So I’ve been looking around to replace it and this particular guitar has caught my eye. Its a Gibson Les Paul in Satin Ebony and it’s beautiful!

This guitar is a mahogany body which is jet black all over (the clue’s in the name!) with a 22 fret rosewood neck. Ebony is used for the pick guard, knobs, jack plate and toggle switch. The pickups are the 490R and 498T, much loved Gibson favourites. The tone is a well-balanced one of full lows and ‘velvety’ highs.

It’s worth having a look just to admire if nothing else but, if you decide you must have one it’s currently going for £699.

However by entering this code GBLP50 you can expect a £50 reduction on this at the checkout!


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