Long time…..


……no blog posts!

Yes it’s been a while but I’ve been fairly full-on busy.  What with appeals for secondary school places (for my daughter, not me), successful by the way, yet another house move and finding an albeit temporary, job….writing has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat.  I’ve missed it though!

Other important events I’ve been taking care of have been watching True Blood Season 4 – final episode on Sunday – and discovering new (to me) series!

I know I was a bit late to catch on but I finally got around to seeing the first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries which I LOVED! At first I thought it was going to be a bit of a teen drama thing but it really isn’t! Apart from all the actors portraying 17 year olds being at least 20….it actually has quite good story-lines, a gradual but not too slow introduction of new elements (and when I say elements I mean witches, werewolves etc), not tooooo much blood and gore and enough intrigue to have me watch the entire two seasons back to back in a 48 hour period!  I started watching with a definite plan to NOT try to compare it to True Blood but it really wasn’t an issue.  Despite the essence of both series being about vampires and other supernatural beings, they are totally different in every way.


Another serial show I managed to catch was V.  This is a remake of a series originally from the 70’s (I think!) and features some of the original characters. Again…..

REALLY good!  Little bit different, but still my favourite genre, sci-fi – and again – watched two seasons pretty much back to back!


I’ve started watching Lost Girl on Syfy channel but am still making my mind up as I’m only two episodes in. It’s something a bit different again though. About the Fae ‘community’. There are two sides, Dark and Light and focus around a woman who has an unfortunate habit of killing every man she sleeps with! She’s also got a tag-a-long sidekick who is human and was rescued by her after being date-rape drugged by a random loser in a bar.  I’ll write on on this as I watch it.

Very much looking forward to the new Sons of Anarchy. Apparently Season 3 didn’t go down too well with the viewers who weren’t keen on the baby-chase to Ireland. So, in light of this information, Season 4 promises to go back to the original style of the first two seasons.

Also on the horizon are Boardwalk Empire and Haven. Coming soon…..!



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