One thought on “Portishead / John Martyn cover of Glory Box by The Marz Harley Band”

  1. Well, here I am clearing out my Inbox when i saw an email from my ‘initialsake’ (did I just invent that??) C.C. with a url to Google+ pages. Posted on there, to my surprise, was a track by someone called “The Marz Harley Band” including a photo of a lovely familiar face behind a mic. Intrigued, I clicked, and I listened – and then I heard her voice for the first time in what has to be 17 or 18 years plus (that would make me feel old if I was that way inclined, but I’m not).
    Anyway, the original “Got to get you in to my life” never really did it for me, and I’m sorry to say, neither did this version, although I DID enjoy listening. And that upload led me here. And I felt the urge to comment.
    Then……I scrolled down a little and saw two words I know very well indeed: “Glory Box”. Dummy is one in my collection that doesn’t and will not wear out. Much meaning for me that I won’t bore you with….ANYWAY…….I have to admit, when I clicked play, I soooo hoped you hadn’t dismembered it. Forgive my skepticism, but I hold this track very dear. What can i say? C.C. your voice suits this track like Amarone suits 80% dark chocolate. As I type I’m on 8th listen. I’m enchanted. Give me a reason to stop playing this. There isn’t one. Move over – Beth Gibbon.
    Oh, and no disrespect intended here, just a critique / my humble opinion: the male vocal has no place in this track. I’m no muso, just a good listener :) Loved it Claire.

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