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At last…scientific proof I need my weekend lie-in!

It’s true! Scientists have finally concluded than on average us women need 20 minutes more sleep than our fella’s! Yay! Actual scientific evidence…he can’t argue with that!

Better still, the reasons come down to us being much busier than men in terms of how we use our brains. Oh! – the leverage of that argument when negotiating who gets to lie-in and who has to get up with the kids next Sunday morning! Beautiful!

Obviously the whole point of sleep or rest is for our brains to recover from all the energy exhausted during our waking hours. Since women have to deal with sooo many more issues than men, we use more energy and therefore need more rest. (well I always knew that! ;) )

It comes down to our amazing multi-tasking skills really. I mean we deal with so many very different tasks all at once, going to work, getting the dishwasher/laundry on before leaving, dealing with the kids, dealing with our relationships, planning family meals, shopping, cooking, general housework, dealing with schools, kids social activities and personal dramas, looking after extended family members, remembering tons of birthdays/anniversaries – and these are the basics!

On top of all that there are hundreds of odds and ends that constantly crop up which involves always maintaining incredible flexibility…planned a chicken dinner? Forget it – hubby just decided he fancies beef and the kids all want different meals.

Granted the men in our lives may have to deal with some of this too, but (and I realise this is very general) let’s face it, beyond going to work everyday where he can pretty much forget about home until 5.30pm when he has to find his way there, there isn’t a whole lot of multi-tasking he has to do. Unless of course that’s part of his job. The scientists are telling us though that he still won’t need as much sleep as a woman!

Our brains are much more complex than a man’s, which enables us to take care of all the things listed above, which is simply down to our wiring. Another thing we already knew! The fact that we do so much more multi-tasking than the average man, added to not getting enough rest, unfortunately means that our brains age faster.

So we just make sure we get more sleep right?

It’s not as easy as it sounds though to simply ‘get more sleep’. I know from experience that once she’s had a baby a woman’s ability to sleep deeply and well changes enormously. It’s a kind of 24/7 radar for any noises as you are permanently tuned into listening out for crying or any kind of disturbance that  may be a potential threat to the child…and we all know that men can sleep right through babies crying! So we sleep much lighter than them, which doesn’t give us the ‘rest’ we need.

The very things that we have to deal with everyday are also responsible for us not getting proper rest. Stress and worry both result in lighter or broken sleep.

In reality though, the good news is that the men are catching up and catching on and have been for some time now. It’s not quite as ridiculous these days for a couple to decide to share everything fairly. As far as my experience has shown me, dads are much more involved with their children emotionally. As well as willingly divvying up the housework, shopping and cooking. So I suppose that means the lie-ins get shared too!

Think I’ll have mine this weekend…possibly even request breakfast in bed while I’m at it!



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….and so it goes – on and on and….

The pernicious anaemia (treated for now) doesn’t seem to be the end of my medical drama.  It turns out there are some complications relating to why I’m experiencing L’hermittes sign that the doctors are still a bit clueless about.  Personally, I reckon it’s cervical spondolysis now.  However, without having a degree in medicine it seems my extensive research into what could possibly be wrong with me (apart from the obvious stress of being in constant pain and having no answers as to why) is wasted within the surgery walls.  Where only the the ‘qualified’ Google searches leading to Wikipedia’s (accurate by the way) suggestions count!

I honestly believe doctors really ought to listen more to the person actually experiencing the symptoms!  For instance I have been told from Day One that the cracking in my neck is insignificant and down to stress (we’re all bloody stressed – cop-out excuse!) so even I have ignored it, leaving it out of my research into the list of symptoms I have.  As it’s been getting worse however, and following my last appointment where the doc said he was absolutely sure it was nothing to do with my ‘condition’ whatever the hell it is, I decided to ignore ‘he whose words we all seem to take as gospel’ and really look at other possibilities.  I literally typed into Google (<3 ) the words ‘L’hermittes’ and ‘cracking neck’ (cracking neck?? Good thing I didn’t have to type in ‘cracking legs’ or similar – would have got entirely different search results!).  Anywho, I digress.  The first result that came up related to Cervical Spondolysis and my symptoms fit exactly!  Great news!! THIS is fixable!!  Well not entirely curable BUT, you can have surgery to ease the pain and then just maintain a series of exercises at home to maintain flexibility and range of movement.  Somebody please tell me that’s what I have already!  It’s better than thinking that the whole time the docs are ‘investigating’ my spinal cord is being damaged beyond repair….am I right or am I right?  Jeez!

Anyway, negative rant out of the way I am actually REALLY pleased that the Pernicious Anaemia is under control and my energy levels are UP!  It’s fantastic.  For years I’ve been exhausted.  Certainly this past year.  Giving everything I have to the last drop at work, plus the additional tiresome behaviour of pretending I’m ok.  Knackering in itself!  Then there’s the late nights.  Basically coming home and dropping off within half an hour and STILL finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning to do it all over again!  Then finally having to find energy to give my kids on the weekends.

I even had a reputation for falling asleep ten minutes into a movie or having half a glass of wine and passing out.

Turns out I wasn’t drunk OR allergic to alcohol.  Phew!   These days I’ll happily watch TWO – that’s right, TWO films, in a row!  WITH wine!  Amazing!  I’m also much happier in general.  This is huge!  Patience and overall laid-back-ness are  also on the up.  This is the good, no GREAT, news.


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