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I am NOT a Trekkie…..but…

I finally watched the new (ish) Star Trek movie.  Now, before I’m judged I must point out that I am not, nor have I ever been a ‘Trekkie’.  I could not stand the tv series, for totally unfounded reasons, since I would see it on and flick to the next channel, never actually giving one episode more than 10 seconds of my precious toe-nail-painting time!  However if like me, you were put off watching the movie by the tv series I urge you to give the movie a chance!

It was really quite good.  I like sci-fi generally as long as there’s some substance to it but this also had just enough action in it for me (no not that kind of action!) and just enough delving into the characters personal relationships to keep me interested.  So interested in fact that I barely noticed the lovely cast of fit fellas such as Chris Pine,  Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Eric Bana….not forgetting the beautiful Zoe Saldana (who I first saw in ‘Guess Who?’, a remake of the groundbreaking for its time, ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (1967)‘ –  starring the excellent Sidney Poitier).  Anyway, point is, WATCH the Star Trek movie (2009).  It’s good.

The film starts (don’t worry I’m not going to give anything away!)  way back before the tv series.  Before James T. Kirk is even born in fact.  A significant event occurs which will shape James’ future and then we are briefly guided through a somewhat troubled childhood until he joins the Academy to become a cadet at Starfleet Academy.  We see his ups and downs and learn the history behind his training, initiation and of course his and Spocks relationship. Also revealed is a young Spock suffering discrimination, as he grows up, from Vulcans for being half-human.  The two of them have a tempestuous relationship as they struggle to understand each others ways as much as they are simultaneously trying to be understood by the rest of their crew members.

Aside from the personal conflicts there is also the ongoing battle Romulans which takes place at various points in time and space….

…..aaaaand s t o p.

There – told you I wouldn’t give anything away! It was so hard to censor myself though!

Which is why I thought I should shut up…right about……now!


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….and so it goes – on and on and….

The pernicious anaemia (treated for now) doesn’t seem to be the end of my medical drama.  It turns out there are some complications relating to why I’m experiencing L’hermittes sign that the doctors are still a bit clueless about.  Personally, I reckon it’s cervical spondolysis now.  However, without having a degree in medicine it seems my extensive research into what could possibly be wrong with me (apart from the obvious stress of being in constant pain and having no answers as to why) is wasted within the surgery walls.  Where only the the ‘qualified’ Google searches leading to Wikipedia’s (accurate by the way) suggestions count!

I honestly believe doctors really ought to listen more to the person actually experiencing the symptoms!  For instance I have been told from Day One that the cracking in my neck is insignificant and down to stress (we’re all bloody stressed – cop-out excuse!) so even I have ignored it, leaving it out of my research into the list of symptoms I have.  As it’s been getting worse however, and following my last appointment where the doc said he was absolutely sure it was nothing to do with my ‘condition’ whatever the hell it is, I decided to ignore ‘he whose words we all seem to take as gospel’ and really look at other possibilities.  I literally typed into Google (<3 ) the words ‘L’hermittes’ and ‘cracking neck’ (cracking neck?? Good thing I didn’t have to type in ‘cracking legs’ or similar – would have got entirely different search results!).  Anywho, I digress.  The first result that came up related to Cervical Spondolysis and my symptoms fit exactly!  Great news!! THIS is fixable!!  Well not entirely curable BUT, you can have surgery to ease the pain and then just maintain a series of exercises at home to maintain flexibility and range of movement.  Somebody please tell me that’s what I have already!  It’s better than thinking that the whole time the docs are ‘investigating’ my spinal cord is being damaged beyond repair….am I right or am I right?  Jeez!

Anyway, negative rant out of the way I am actually REALLY pleased that the Pernicious Anaemia is under control and my energy levels are UP!  It’s fantastic.  For years I’ve been exhausted.  Certainly this past year.  Giving everything I have to the last drop at work, plus the additional tiresome behaviour of pretending I’m ok.  Knackering in itself!  Then there’s the late nights.  Basically coming home and dropping off within half an hour and STILL finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning to do it all over again!  Then finally having to find energy to give my kids on the weekends.

I even had a reputation for falling asleep ten minutes into a movie or having half a glass of wine and passing out.

Turns out I wasn’t drunk OR allergic to alcohol.  Phew!   These days I’ll happily watch TWO – that’s right, TWO films, in a row!  WITH wine!  Amazing!  I’m also much happier in general.  This is huge!  Patience and overall laid-back-ness are  also on the up.  This is the good, no GREAT, news.


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