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Boring bedrest!

This is the only kind of bed I want to do any ‘resting’ in! Bloody bedrest…

…..what is that anyway? Let me tell you there is nothing, actually nothing about forcing me to take off work and lie in a bed for 2 weeks that could in any way, be described as ‘restful’!

It’s 9am (ish) on Day One of ‘bedrest’ and already I’m drumming my fingers on my laptop waiting for something interesting to happen so I can write about it and stop watching an endless stream of dvd’s I’ve already seen or writing lists of all the hundreds of things I’m going to supposedly ‘catch up’ on over this restful period!  It’s a very good thing I  don’t live with a partner during times like these as I would undoubtedly leave  them also needing time off for R&R after about three days with me climbing the walls! 

I have actually already been up this morning. Made a cuppa, toasted a couple of crumpets and brought them back to bed. I suppose I could venture downstairs and find out what Phil and Holly are discussing today. Or watch some posh people with more money than they know what to do with, pop a hard hat on and pretend they’re getting really hands on with building their own home because they’ve laid a brick! 

Of course, my guitar is sitting downstairs too, waiting to be played. Then there’s laundry, bills to sort out, cleaning to do….also going to pop into work and make sure everythings ok.  With any luck all that should tire me out and have me ready to get into bed for some actual rest!

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