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Hugh MacLeods ‘Ignore Everybody (And 39 Other Keys To Creativity)’

Oh yes I read too dontchya know!

During the recent (terribly boring) period of not working I spent some, completely non-judgmental (honest!) time, browsing recently-moved-in-with-boyfriend’s bookshelves.  Considering I mostly ignore everybody anyway, or at least get accused of it, on seeing this little gem by Hugh MacLeod I had to read it, if only to have some quickfire retorts to anyone who had a problem with me ignoring them.  If indeed I hadn’t already ignored said people! Must say though I was also slightly drawn to it because I am myself a MacLeod (which he spells correctly!) and damn proud of it.

Anyway, I digress…I had a beautiful sunny London afternoon to sit out in the garden for my daily dose of vitamin D, so pocketed the book and set myself up for the afternoon (drinks, snacks…blah blah).

The book was so easy to read I didn’t put it down until I’d finished (an hour or so, including going back to look at the illustrations again and again) and when I did finish, I was left totally fired up and refocused on what I’m doing, where I’m going and what I want out of my music.  It would be true to say that before reading this book I was feeling a little bit lost about how to move forward with it.  Okay I had a kind of rough plan but since The Book I’ve been so much happier and definite about making decisions about ‘day-job’ and where my real passion lies.

I’m very reluctant to start quoting the book and revealing some of the words of wisdom (although you are likely to see some of Hugh’s quotes and cartoons-on-business-cards dotted about my blog!) because I think they have more of an impact when you’re sitting there, with the book in your hand, able to see the illustrations as well, reading it for yourself. I wanted to mention how it made me feel and think.

You’ll see when you read the book for yourself….and you definitely should. Especially if you’re at a crossroads, losing focus or motivation, or just could use a bit of inspiration.  It is definitely a book that will, in the words of Guy Kawasaki, ‘…a book that will kick your ass…’.



Take an hour or two out of your day and read this book. You won’t regret it!







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