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So back to much more interesting (and FUN) stuff.  M u s i c.

I’m really hoping to get some newer stuff posted up in the next couple of weeks  – maximum!  It’s easier for me if I give myself a deadline.  It will be rough recordings, nothing fancy, of just acoustic guitar and vocals.  They will be covers that I’ve been playing to an approving audience (at least that’s what they told me!) in the last couple of months, including the three tracks that got me through to the semi-finals of the Hull Talent Trail.  I’m not expecting to get past the semi’s as the competition is quite strong and I’m not even sure that my style is quite what the judges are after in this particular competition.  I’ve heard some of the others that have gotten through and there are quite a lot of very impressive vocalists!  However, it’s an experience and quite good fun really to be performing alongside people I would never normally get a chance to.

In the meantime and amidst the hassle of moving, I’ve dug out some of my ‘in progress’ work to continue writing and hopefully complete, some original tracks!  Whilst delving through that lot and trying to attain some level of semi-organisation, I came across some old diaries.  G r r r e a t  material!  Oh the drama!  It’s amazing how reading a few words written 4 or 5 years ago can invoke so many strong emotions that, even though I don’t actually feel them anymore, I certainly remember and was immediately transported back in time.  Back to times when I thought my future was written in stone.  Back to times I thought my world had ended.  Times when I used to tire of hearing ‘time heals all’ and times when I uttered to others the very same words.  A whole load of observational prose and even more personal accounts.  The overall result basically being that I’m so glad I wrote.  As therapeutic as it was and is…the main things are the valuable lessons learned.  Priceless.


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